128 page paperback book of the collected "alternative" works of Rik Livingston. Some artful nudity and thought provoking violence. It ain't sleazy, it's art! Really! Let me know you're 18 or have your open minded parents order for you. (Those images AREN'T on the web site, by-the-way. "Aw shucks, Mom! I wanna see"!)

"Interested in something different? Fantasy and fun, horror and humor, imagination and experimentation-Mr.Verlin's Zono Comix escapes from the genre description and formalistic devices of a typical "comic book" with stories and art that takes the reader from the deepest thoughts of a bedridden tenement dweller with a colorful view of life to the farthest reaches of time, where the Last Warrior (or is it the First?) meets his appointed doom... Within this one volume is the equivalent of six individual comic books. Enjoy fables of the unexpected? Ghost stories and "Twilight Zone"-like narratives? They are all here, as well as Mr. Verlin's own unique "visual poems," wild full-page illustrations, and a couple of mysterious tales that read like modern wanderings through Wonderland.". - Thunder Baas Press.

$7.95+60 postage. . Make non-rubber checks payable to: Rik Livingston, ZONO Art Productions, 61515 Adobe Drive, Joshua Tree Village, CA 92252-2710

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