"Sunken Surrealism Screen"

49 1/2" x 69 1/2"
Acrylic on stretched canvas with holes
and fold-out, braced, wooden legs to be free-standing

Our motto here at Z.A.P! is "Get INTO Art" (even if it's just your head!)

Mostly this is just a fun, interactive piece,
but it is also intended as an ecological warning.
It may be somewhat overstated;
some of the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area
are more in peril of flooding from Global warming than The City, itself. (See this map.)

Still, with other, seismic factors...

What was most important to me, was that I show that, even after disaster - Life Goes On!
This work has an example of human adaptation and possible mutation happily interacting
even after the end of life as we currently know it.
(That doesn't mean I think we should ignore global warming...)

Thanks to Russel Reagan and Cat Livingston for being the "head models" in this shot.

How will your area of the world fare when the sea levels rise?
See this interactive, world map!

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© Rik Verlin Livingston