"Another Sci-Fi DVD Evening (Robbie on Ocular Overdrive)"

16"x13 3/4"x1 1/2"
Acrylic, spray, enamel paint on metal panel and wood frame with wires, DVD disk, disassembled remote control, etc.

For fans of science fiction theatre. Because Sci-Fi (a term of endearment to me) has fun stuff like ET lifeforms, far, far away worlds, time travel, futuristic spacecraft, and, of course, lots of robots! Plus, these works can explore and comment on social, and philosophical issues - all within the political safety of metaphor. Let's all hope at least some elements sinks into the general public's psyche, bringing the power of a bit more imagination, important to the evolution of this little corner of the Milky Way...

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© Rik Verlin Livingston

"Nothing is stranger to man than his own image." - Karel Capek, coiner of the term "robot."