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"Zany Zono Zoo"

by Olivia de Haulleville

Sadly, the extravagant and entertaining Annual Open Studio Tours of the Hi Desert has come to a close, but zany "Zono Art Studio" is still open to fun-loving visitors!

Nestled away behind “Turtle Island” in J.T. and past the-road-ends-here sign on Hillview, is an innocent looking house on Adobe Drive, appearing normal enough... but unbeknown to the outsider, numerous "goodies" are stashed within!!!

Rik Livingston - the creator of Zono Art - arrived here from San Francisco where he studied at the S.F. Art Institute, and where he developed the fine art of designing comic strips.

But Rik is more than a mere cartoonist; he is imbued with fun-loving generosity which has inspired a collection of toys, games, comic books, post cards, memorabilia and souvenirs— many created by himself and many for sale—at modest prices even

... and totally PURRfect as stocking stuffers for whosoever is still young at heart.

If you want to check out Rik at the Zono Zoo, he can be reached between 9 & 12 AM and 3 to 5 PM @ 760-XXX-XXXX, or contact him at his wild website,!

American Free Journal & Desert Valley Star - 11/12-18/09


Photo by Cat Livingston
"Dream" painting collection of Luana Lynch