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Joshua Tree Green Business Logo Contest Winner Profile: Rik Livingston

By Seth Shteir

When Rik Livingston moved to Joshua Tree from San Francisco in 2006, the artistic scene was hopping. Livingston immediately found inspiration in the desert for his art. “I love the wild Joshua trees. The plant life here is really surreal and so are the Daliesque rock formations in the park. It’s great fodder for artwork.”

Rik has done a great deal of work designing posters and fliers for different business around the Morongo Basin, including The Roadside Attraction Gallery and Joshua Tree Retreat Center, but has also designed the “Stop the Green Path Invasion” postcard that features caricatures of transmission lines invading our pristine desert. Livingston enjoys creating artwork out of found objects and recycled materials. “It’s a good way to go for the environment and as a business decision because art materials are pretty expensive,” says Livingston. Some of his work will be featured in the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Show at the Roadside Attraction Gallery in Twentynine Palms.

Rik was awarded $150.00 from the National Parks Conservation Association for his outstanding Joshua Tree Green Business Logo design. The design will be featured in promotional materials for the National Parks Conservation Association’s Joshua Tree Green Business Program, which encourages businesses to make voluntary reductions in energy, waste and water to help protect the fragile desert ecosystem.

More examples of Rik Livingston’s artwork can be found on his website is


Sun Runner Magazine - 02-03/2010