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"GET READY FOR ACTION, "FUNkY FELlNE-FANS", BAD CAT is out of the litter box and ready for rip roaring fun and adventure. BAD CAT COLLECTOR'S EDITION #1" is a humorous blast of cleverjokes and laffs. It's a PURRRRRR-FECTLY funny comic with all the spunkiness of a kitten highon Catnip!...

Rik V. Livingston has created three fun characters for this comic. All of whom have some sort of special cat abilities or at least try to. Starting with our young cat hero, BAD CAT...while dressed up in a black catcowl... and these really cool mechanical cat claws. And then there's Ms, HISS,"the grrl with the fabulous fashions and all theaction accessories". And last but not least of the fighting action trio is THE ALLEY CAT BOY or AI, whois really a cat but can transform into a humanoid cat person who assists BadCat in fighting crime.

In short, Rik Livingston can grab you by the tail when
reading his first installment of Bad Cat. Not only do you
wait in anticipation to see if Al will be are also
treated to a few extra cat treats. You are given a glimpse
into Latin comics with El Gato de Zono!", some deep
poetic thinking by Doctor Bone and a flatulently funny
comic panel with Alley Cat Boy.

Rik will impress you with the fine quality of the Bad Cat
comic. The art work is clean and detailed and the
humorous nature of the cat comes thru with flying
furballs. Independent Cartoonist and Comics
recommends to all you cat loving (and hating) people to
acquire Rik Livingston's premier comic "BAD CAT" and
hopes you have as much`rip roaring fun" as we did!"
- Independent Comics & Cartoonists, Vol.2,#4

"See what happens when Bad Cat and Alley Cat Boy match wits in 'Lost Cat.'"
- a short review...